7 Days in 7 Pictures

I love making lists. I think it has something to do with -trying to be more organised. Needless to say, I fail. Carrying out the activities on these purported lists is a different issue all together. I digress…the point of this blog post is Me addressing You, the reader and asking you, ” Do you relate? ” I think this is a much bigger question I ask. We make lists, we make plans, but we forget or get lazy when it comes to implementing them.

When I moved to Mumbai, I was naive enough to think that if I made lists of all the places I’d like to see, all the things that I’d like to do, would have actually worked. The list is there…the boxes need to checked off. So much to do, such little time.

Anyway, it has been 2 months, 8 days in Mumbai. And I still feel like a tourist. On the rare days I get the opportunity to explore Mumbai, it has surprised me. I have been to 1 concert, 10-15 restaurants, 1 Gateway of India, 2 beaches, 1 fort, 2 markets…and I have only just touched the tip of the iceberg, that is the city.

I have decided to document my life in this new, crazy city in pictures every month. Following are pictures taken on my phone and a list ( haha) of things I loved and would recommend to anyone who’s as clueless as me. Here it goes…


1. Girls night out with super chill flatmates. Featuring dress from my favourite boutique Anokhi and  my current obssession Fratelli Merlot

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

2. Taking the Bandra-Worli sea link to work. Love taking this route, just for the view. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



3. Being tourists with my mother. Gateway of India. Lunch was had at Cafe Mondegar, Colaba- another  classic. 




4. Watching Prateek Kuhad in concert at Sophia Bhabha Auditorium. “Oh love” and “100 words” …among the new favourites. Beautiful evening spent listening to folk music and hogging amazing food at Leopold Cafe

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset



5. Lunch at Saltwater Cafe, Bandra. In the picture is Pork Belly, which is absolutely gorgeous. Among other favourites are Tomato Lemongrass Broth and Chocolate fudge, obviously. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

6. Grab a Mosambi juice from any of the juice shops at Bandra hill road and walk down to Bandra Fort for this view. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

7. The Arabian Sea in all its glory a la Marine Drive. 



Watch this space for more updates…and more lists.


























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