Dear Mumbai…

Dear Mumbai,

I did this to myself. I decided to move here and leave everything comfortable and precious behind. I have had a nomad’s life, so making the decision to get acquainted to you was not as difficult as it seemed, at least at the moment. So here I am. Right in the heart of the city. I take the locals everyday, the veins that travel up and down your body. I have learned to like, if not love, the food here. The humidity is a pain, but I am sure I’ll get used to it. My flat is nice, we get lots of sunlight. I will eventually get used to the traffic and how expensive this relationship is going to be. Work life is hectic. But I have decided to meet with you every time I have an off day, which is rare, but still. I have experienced the joy that fills the soul when you see the ocean. I have walked through potholes and puddles when it rains. I have been out and about and have taken cognizance of the spirit of the city. So far so good. 

I have heard that people dream about you? I have heard about people and their hopes from you. City of dreams, eh?  What is so charismatic about you, that drives people to move mountains just to get acquainted to you? What is it about you that entices and draws people closer ? I want to know how many hearts you have filled with joy with your energy and vigour. I want to know whether their dreams have been met. I want to know whether in this fast paced city, they have been able to catch a good shut eye and dream some more. I am not talking about the type of sleep where your body is so tired that you stop dreaming. I want to know if people have been able to fulfill their dreams and are genuinely happy. Are they? I want to know if their aspirations have not been met at the cost of happiness. I want to know if their connection with their loved ones are still intact. I want to know if they have been able to sustain their child like innocence. I want to know if they are still in awe of nature, the sea, the clouds, the birds. Tell me that these things still matter. Or have they become so consumed by the drudgery of life that it has taken a toll on their sense of sanity? It would be such a shame if that innocence was lost.

I am excited about you Mumbai. I hope you treat me well. I hope I am able to retain the innocence and wonder I keep talking about. I hope you teach me lessons, good ones hopefully. I hope you teach me to love life, not hate it. I hope you teach me to live, not survive. I hope you make me fall in love with food again. I hope that even after a few years when I see the ocean, I am humbled. I hope that little things about the city still make me smile even after a few years. Lastly I hope you are as excited about me as I am about you.

Look forward,




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