6 Ballygunj Place

Nothing spells old world charm as much as Kolkata does. The city of joy, rightly named so, is such a delight when it comes to food, culture and architecture. It’s a blogger’s paradise. I happened to be in Kolkata for 48 hours last week and my boyfriend,  who also happens to be from Kolkata, was kind enough to show me around. I have been visiting this city every year all my life as it happens to be a layover for whenever I visit my hometown, Tripura. This time, I had planned to go to all the places I haven’t been before. I was taken to galleries, vintage shops and auction houses, lakes and markets and I have to say I regret not being able to extend my trip.
Any kind of touristing is not complete without food, this post is exactly about that. I had been craving typical Bengali cuisine for the longest time, part of the reason I came to Kolkata. I told my boyfriend that and he took me to 6 Ballygunj Place. It’s very popular in the city and they have two branches. One is in Ballygunj and the other in Salt Lake.

6 Ballygunj Place is famous for its buffet service which is a dream since an all you can eat bengali cuisine sounds perfect to a glutton like me. On weekends they have special preparations such as Paturi (steamed fish in mustard gravy) and Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry), which is remniscient of weekends in all bengali households.Like any one who loves life, I went nuts on the buffet table and ordered for more food from the menu. I realise how it sounds when I say that I was paying for all- you- can- eat buffet menu and the regular restuarant menu. Guilty as charged but not sorry, because the food was amazing.

The décor is beautiful. The place has captured the aesthetics of a traditional bengali house and has a very homelike ambiance which is great.  Without getting into too much, here’s a picture of the food we ordered.


Dishes as displayed in the picture: Paturi, Kosha Mangsho, Steamed rice, Beguni, Papad, Rooi Maacher Kalia, Posto Bata


Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset

If you ever find yourself in Kolkata and want to experience authentic Bengali food, you can definitely add 6 Ballygunj Place to your list. I know I will be back for more. 🙂




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