Lessons/ Life hacks I have Learnt in 2014

As January of 2015 is slowly ending so wastefully I am forced to sit down, re think and harness all my energies- basically telling myself- “S, get your shit together!”.
2014 was very eventful. I graduated from being a carefree and bright-eyed undergrad in English Literature to being a more mature Post Grad student in Sociology in the same year. I got published this year. I made friends, got wasted, got high. I partied harder than that girl in the club who was celebrating getting accepted to a Uni in London. I also lost a loved one in the family. I learnt lessons.
2014 was also the year when I realised how lost in life I was. You see, if you ever walk up to me and call me this I will flatly deny it but I am a bit of a geek. The kind of girl who always sits in the front seat in class and is the teacher’s favourite. I am also known among my friends as very responsible.
It was probably the transition period that made me a little reckless. But I am not here to tire you with a boring as fuck discussion on existential crisis. Instead I am going to be the nerd that I am and write down in pointers the lessons I have learnt/ the resolutions I have made. I call this one, and drum rolls please, Project ‘Let’s Re-Energize’.

Get up at 6 am and do YOGA for God’s sake!

Just because it actually, really, does help. For more information click here on my blog post on Yoga.

• Don’t do more than one neat Vodka shots

Some people can keep their drinks, even if includes neat vodka, but S you can’t. Stick to your beer and wine. Recognize your weakness, and all that shit…

• Bad dancing in the club keeps the Creepy Boys Away

This one is for the ladies: if you’re creeped out by a boy/man trying to find a way in your little dance circle and grind against you- break out into really bad dancing, it will ward of the creepsters. Don’t worry, some nice guy will be intrigued by your dance and will probably approach you. Anyways, isn’t that better- you embracing your weirdness? Or is it just me?

• Don’t stop reading

Expands your horizon and whatnot… Atleast when stuck in awkward small-talks with someone you’ll have something to save you.

• Learn a thing or two from T. Swift

Okay, before you brush this one off, let me explain. I was never a fan of hers, but now I kind of get her. She loves rolling with the punches against her and before you know it she’ll write a song about it and make history with it. She’s a clever one. I should learn a thing or two.
And if you’re not into that, just follow her street style (here) for ways to feel bad about your own wardrobe.

• Never stop creating New Shit

I came across this online and this stuck with me. Never stop creating, even if it is a pair of socks or a sandwich.

• Stop thinking, Start Doing!

Guess what, if you actually start acting on all of the things you’re thinking of in your head- how fun would that be. Leave your inhibitions behind; don’t think about what people will think- Just do it. (Unless it involves annoying other people, stealing, killing etc)

• Don’t LOL

Seriously, it is very non committal and super annoying. Don’t Lol on texts and/or in real life conversations- or Yolo, BRB, FYI, Hashtag or any of that

• Save Money

Hey S, remember that time you bought that really expensive and really unnecessary jacket from Zara and hardly ever use it? Just don’t do that anymore, how about that? Save that money for food!

• Learn a new language

                               ….so you can act all smart and posh. Hehe.

• Don’t Stop BLOGGING

Yea Yea, I should be regular and responsible.


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