Why you should check out Project Unbreakable

Every once in a while something crops up in my Facebook timeline that makes me sit back and reflect upon what I have read. Sometimes I am left speechless. This is one of such things.

Dearest reader, know that what you’re going to read ahead will definitely lead to contemplation. Please know that every single one of us, however we may mask it, need and yearn for acceptance. We thrive and survive on external validation. We need to be told we are good, we need to be treated well, and we need for people to be kind to us. Sure, self perception is of utmost importance but know this that if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you. If they are not, then they are frankly of no worth in your life and you’re better off without them- it is as simple as that. Trust me!

So let us not judge people for how they look, what kind of clothes they wear or how they behave. As humans we are often complacent and take for granted the people around us. It is most important that we constantly show them how lucky we are to have them in our lives and have humility and integrity in our characters. All of us have issues and all of us feel like we’re the only ones who have it hard. But know this that you’re not alone. Just let your own experience be a reminder to you the next time you come close to judging people. There’s a lot of shit people in the world, but that doesn’t mean you should be like them.

BE OPEN to hearing someone out. Who knows maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from them.

When I came across Project Unbreakable, it was one of those things that instantly caught my attention. It is a project of the most heart-warming kind. More than anything else it is a platform where you are allowed to speak and not be judged in the process. It is a healer, the best listener and a non-judgemental community. You are encouraged to speak out against bullies, sexual violence, child abuse and domestic violence.

Screenshot (8)

Started by Grace Brown, in the October of 2011, it has grown into a full blown community. The project is a photograph project that features victims, or rather survivors of sexual assault, character assassination, domestic violence and child abuse, holding posters that say what they want to say. It condemns such atrocities and designates silence as the biggest enemy.

As you open the home page, a cautionary message is triggered which tells you that the images pertain to survivors of sexual assault. And you press continue to read further.As you peruse you are faced with a wall of photographs of people with their placards telling you their story.

Screenshot (7)   Screenshot (6)

These images de-stigmatise the silence and judgement surrounding sexual assault. Through the simple task of taking pictures, the project conveys an important and powerful messages for whoever comes across it. The important message is never to judge a book by its cover. The message is to stop castigating the survivors of such atrocities instead of the perpetrator. The message is to be a good listener.

If an image speaks a thousand words, these images are testimony to how art has the power to heal. 

Let me wrap it up here by saying that you should take a look at their website (here). It is a project that needs to be paid attention. You can also follow them on Twitter and check them out on Facebook.

Everyday people send their stories in and people hear. And this only goes on to show one thing- if you give people chance- they have the ability to change the world, one step at a time. Just like Grace.



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