Playing with Filters

Filters are great. If you want a quick touch up on your photos or selfies, they are lifesavers.

Let’s face it, we all love masking our flaws, we all want a little extra, we all wanna impress! We are obsessed with presentation. It matters.

Instagram, Vsco, Photoshop have made our lives so much easier. Everyone can create good quality pictures- you just need a camera and an amazing photo app. Add a nice filter, crop the unnecessary out, sharpen the picture a little bit here, brighten a little bit there and -Viola, you’re a photographer.

We love filters! We may hate the ethics behind it, but we cannot stop buying into it. It’s like anything and everything we love. Always a danger involved, but always irresistible.

We have filters for every mood- From pensive to happy, from sad to intense.

I for one love originality. For me, nothing beats a good old film camera and the sunlight- that’s all the filter you need- right there. But all of us fall back to photoshop eventually.

Sneaky little thing it is, innit? We all know the pretense behind it. But we still cannot resist it. A filter that makes your photographs look original- that’s a good laugh!

Coming back to the topic of filters- have you ever noticed how sometimes filters may not look appealing individually. But put them together and somehow it gains an aesthetic quality. I mean creating filters are also a work of art. Hats off to the geniuses who make them.

I have been wanting to this for a long time now- put different filters on a single photo and compare the difference. I did and what you see below is what it looked like. Put them all together and somehow it starts looking like an album cover art of an indie rock band.

They gel so well together instead of individually. So I played around with it. Below you have an assortment of filters- for your perusal, fascination and contemplation. Enjoy.


App courtesy- PhotoGrid

App courtesy- PhotoGrid


App courtesy- PhotoGrid

App courtesy- PhotoGrid



2 thoughts on “Playing with Filters

  1. There was this Warholian revival trend of four panelled photos of the same subject in different colours a few years ago. You’re re-reviving it in this post. I actually never thought of doing grids like this, but I have to admit the style is really lovely!

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