An Adventure – 2

Even though I have a pile of readings that I have to do before Tuesday, I have decided that this post needs special attention. Also thank you to the new followers for making the right decision by subscribing to this blog- welcome to a world of endless rants and pretentious photography taking on a budget. Leh.

I have spent the last two days running here and there with my partner in crime Shambhavi. We took over New Delhi and Gurgaon by storm in the last two days ( well, a small part of it). We played with her dogs, took selfies at a pizza place, watched funny YouTube videos in public and laughed like we were drunk, tried and failed making vlogs, had coconuts, made cheesecake, got drunk and watched powerpuff girls basically spent the whole time being teenagers( I am 20 and she is 21, just by the way).

Anyway here are photos of the day and her adorable cocker-spaniels in all their glory.



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