Chocolicious Festival.

My sister and I had decided to check out the mall ( Select city walk, Saket) today to look for some stationaries and room decor for my really dull and boring dorm room and to our pleasant surprise there was a chocolate festival going on. Whaaaaaat???


This past week has been amazing, what with the book sale first and now a chocolate festival on the day we just happened to hit the mall. All of New Delhi’s patisseries, bakeries and desert shops had opened their little stalls and it was absolutely mental because of the excess of sugary delights that they were offering. We talked to a couple of bakers and confectioners who were, like the food they were serving, really sweet. They even gave us samples. We instantly turned into 10 year old giggling school girls at the sight of chocolates.



And of course how can I not mention some of the amazing bakeries who were nice enough to let us take pictures and give us free samples. Here are for your perusal and hopefully delight some of the patisseries in Delhi. Enjoy.


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