An Adventure

Yesterday I was supposed to be on a train to Jaipur. My sister and I were going home for the weekend. But because of the crazy, erratic and chaotic city that New Delhi is, especially with the traffic jams, we missed the train. There was traffic because of the rain, the roads were blocked and auto walas were refusing to go anywhere in the rain. It was bad.

I also would like to take this opportunity to inform you readers that I have never missed a single train in my entire 20 years on this planet. That my clumsiness may have made me almost miss my train on more than a few occasions is a different issue altogether. I have always, some how- tripping, stumbling, panting and all sorts of falling- made it to my coach on time safely. So you may well imagine my disappointment when I didn’t make it this time. I guess it is part of the whole Indian Railway experience. One gets used to being complacent in the company of other complacent parties. Such adventures is as common in the daily commuting experience as over population, over crowded stations and over eager cab drivers in India ( apart from many other,  I am sure).
So when we did miss our train, to the obvious disappointment of my sister and obvious wrath of my parents ( some how it was all my fault) I decided that everyone needs to chill. Basically!

To cheer my sister up especially I brought her to my campus at JNU for the weekend. After dinner we decided to do some night time exploring of the campus. Since the campus is teeming with excitement and life 24×7 and since my professor swears by the night life of JNU, we obviously decided that we needed to oblige the JNU- ites night time legacies. As we left my hostel and almost reached the library it had started raining heavily. We hung out like the nerds that we are, considering ourselves bad asses to be gallivanting in the dark and in the rain- something that we would obviously never do outside the comfort and security of university. We pride ourselves in the fact that we turned a day that was going bad into good. We got ourselves into some adventure, some fun. We danced in the rain, had tea, took some dorky photos from the phone camera and got drenched a little in the rain. Altogether we had some pretty bad ass experience in the campus. Say what you will. Here are some photos for your laughter, for your entertainment or major judgement.



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