Delhi Rains

As clichéd as it might sound I have made a decision to make this post about the weather. If you’re a Delhi-ite like me you would echo the thoughts I am going to share in this post.
Delhi has been really hot and really humid this past couple of weeks, almost intolerable. Especially if you are living in a dorm room without air conditioning. We’ve been waiting for monsoon for a long time to bring some respite in these hard times.
So when it rained for a few hours day before yesterday, we felt nothing short of being blessed. Let me tell you, Delhi may be all sorts of polluted and concretised but it still never ceases to charm you. It’s beauty is evoked especially during the monsoon and Delhi becomes all of a sudden the most beautiful place in the world. Somehow.
My inner wannabe photographer obviously made me take too many photos and now my data card is about explode. Here are some desperately taken photos from bad angles on a mobile camera. ( It’s a samsung 8MP camera and right now I am glad that I even have this)


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