Book Sale on Campus

My friend and I had been craving some fruit beer when we stumbled across this tiny book store right outside my hostel inside the campus. So this was a small shop that is just hiding in the midst of jungle along with a few other shops of necessity. At first it looks like a regular book store where one may hope to find some course materials but on a better look you will find stacks of penguin classics and yellowed books from some other time. There was also a sale of 50% off on books so of course we got excited.

These books are old books that students leave behind when they leave hostels and don’t want to carry all the weight. I personally could never sell my books since I love them too much and am also building my own library. But second hand book sales are like my catnip, completely irresistible and comforting.
My friend spazzed out like she always does at bookstores. We may have bought one too many books, especially since we have loads of syllabus to study. But I tend to look at books as investments. If you can tell yourself that, anything sounds like it is worth it. So there these books were, cheap, yellowed and calling out to our inner nerds so obviously we had to oblige. I always find old books inspiring. The fact that they have been handed down by different people adds to the charm to the book. It carries with it so many stories besides the text in the book. Also, any bibliophile will tell you how amazing these books smell. To me they always smell like coffee for some reason.

Since this little book store is a like a little piece of treasure now and everything comes at such cheap price here, I will be filling my suitcases with books in the future.
The next day while taking a stroll through the library area we came across another book store, only this time it was on wheels. It was mobile book store which contained a splendid collection of books from Indian writers.

There were books on gardening, folk tales, freedom fighters and quite unusually so science fiction from Indian writers.

Since there is no dearth of books here on this huge campus, I am never going to travel longer distances to buy books ever, basically. I guess now I know why people don’t leave campus ever, they don’t need to.


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