Summer in a bowl.

There’s something about zucchini and lemon that just spells summer. I love a good zucchini, especially when its fresh, insanely crunchy and green, it can never go wrong. So when today I weirdly found myself hungry just after lunch, I knew I had to munch on something light, refreshing yet filling. Fortunately I found a zucchini, some tomatoes and lemon and an idea struck!
This recipe doesn’t really involve a lot of hardwork. All you need is
– a zucchini
– a tomato
– some chickpeas
– half an onion
– a pinch of salt
– juice of half a lemon
– a pinch of paprika
– some nuts of choice
– fresh leaves of choice
– olive oil

Basically the only cooking required is boiling the peas in hot water with a pinch of salt. Cut the veggies into little cubes. Mix all the ingredients with a spoon and add a few drops of olive oil in the end. It’s obviously very refreshing and tasty.

Consisting of only 17 calories per 100 g, zucchinis have high anti oxidant value. It is also full of potassium which is obviously a good thing. People usually make stew out of it, bake it or boil it, I prefer them raw. It tastes better raw anyway.

Chickpeas obviously are rich in protein, carbohydrate and fiber. It is like other pulses a good source of protein for vegetarians. I like my chickpeas boiled, or soaked overnight. Another way of thoroughly enjoying chickpeas is in the form of hummus. Everyone loves a good hummus.

These were the two hero ingredients in my bowl today. Hopefully a good start to #HealthyLiving
Until next time.


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