I am currently at my parents house in Jaipur, the scorching hot and dry capital of Rajasthan. Naturally,summers in Jaipur are intolerable. It’s dry, there’s constant loo and it is difficult to find fresh and juicy fruits or vegetables.There simply isn’t much variety when it comes to vegetation.

Recently I have become hooked to health blogs and magazines. Be it smoothie bowls, green smoothies, crunchy salads, protein drinks or raw vegetables- you name it, I am obsessed…especially when it tastes so good.

I made a personal resolution to eat, drink and sleep good and do some yoga too, thereby following a disciplined lifestyle. You cannot believe how good it feels once you start following this pattern sincerely. 

So here’s extra content on StickyWetNotes now. I will be treading on the un-chartered territory of healthy living. Consider this more of a personal experiment/graph/resolution-fulfilling.

If it does help any one of you in any way, it’d be a surprise, a pleasant one. Stick around for what is to come. 🙂


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