Endurance is farce!

What is so glorious and celebratory about the qualities associated with endurance? Why are certain behavioral types associated with endurance and forbearance idolized? I see it as a form of weakness that the society and popular media use very conveniently to market a sense of bearing as a good quality to have. I mean isn’t bearing hardships, having tolerance for the wrong things and adjusting yourself according to that standard a sign of resignation? It doesn’t even allow you to fight for your right, it doesn’t even allow you to compete, it cuts out all form of competition. Why would anyone be okay with that? The same society also believes in the survival of the fittest, why then are things like resignation considered a good thing. Endless endurance is regressive, it is settling, in disguise. 

I believe in constantly competing, constantly looking for opportunities to challenge myself, always pushing the boundary, yearn for something better. Why should I be okay with my present circumstances if I want to be happy in it and thrive in it. I should be trying to better myself, my circumstances, be ambitious, granted I don’t compromise the relationships I have and the lose my integrity in the process. 

So when I come across a situation where some one is being overtly praised for being covertly weak, I find it excruciatingly agitating and worrisome too. It is definitely a construct and we sometimes buy into this argument, unknowingly.  Having said that, I also believe we should be strong and have perseverance. What I mean by that is having a sense of strength so as to not break down completely, instead come out stronger than ever and fight ( figuratively). 

So the next time some calls you enduring, tolerant, well adjusting, etc, don’t buy into that; it is a very convenient way of taking advantage of your kindness. There is nothing glorious about endurance, it is a myth created to make weakness somehow  seem tasteful. No one should be expected to be too tolerating. Be strong instead, take control.


Until the next post. 🙂


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