Being the crack in the wall.

Every one keeps talking about empowerment and how people should be judged on the basis of their competency instead of their sex, sexual orientation, race, caste, class, religion etc. I find the very word ’empower’ patronising.  It seems to imply a sense of power in the hands of the empower-er. Why should I have to fight for something that is my right? Why should the emancipation be through some one else?
These days, atleast in the Indian context, political parties are ‘handing out’ empowerment to women like bags of potatoes. My problem is, who is thinking about the other sexual minorities? Section 377 has obviously angered half of the Indian population, the absolutely ludicrous law that it is. Some people still spend their days living in their own bubble of hate and insecurity towards people in love.
I have found that as soon as one labels themselves as identifying with one ideology, they distance themselves from the other. If you are not, say, a sexist, you could be a racist and vice versa. There are so many problems in the discourse of everyday discrimination that just one post wouldn’t suffice. We all talk about embracing our differences and being proud about it, but how is that possible when people tell me girls can’t do this or that, that I need to be rich to go to university, that I should put fairness cream if I am dark skinned, that I should put on weight if I am skinny, that I should lose weight if I am fat, that I should love a boy if I am a girl and a girl if I am a boy, or even so, find myself sexually attracted to human beings( because they are just the best creatures on the planet), that I should wear proper clothes when I go out, that I should accept the fact that I belong to a ‘third world country’.  I get it, I understand ( or I am coming to terms with) the fact that it is an unequal world. But I also believe that if I am going to talk about discrimination I am going to go all the way and include all forms of suppression in the discourse. The world needs to be more tolerant, and we need to start with one person at a time.
I went a step ahead to make some broad points on how we could self emancipate ourselves, at least according to me, but who am I to tell you anything.
1. Be prepared
If you’re prepared, you have a better chance of fighting.
2. Be competitive
Always be the hard nut to crack in the room
3. Be professional
Never leave space for people to find weaknesses in you.
4. Break the stereotypes
It is the most fun thing to do, let’s face it.
Always, just know your job very well and work !
I understand it all seems to pertain to workplace, but extend it to your daily circumstances and enjoy being the crack in the wall, instead of the wall !

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