The City Kills


As provocative as it may sound, this city has become synonymous with it. As the sun sets, all kinds of evil lurk in the dark, shady corners of the city. Stepping out of the house is inviting all sorts of trouble. The dogs start barking not because of some premonition of danger but because of the general tension in the air. Everyday people live with the fear of getting mugged, killed, raped, bullied. ‘Dill walon ki Dilli’?

Worried parents keep calling their children every minute if they are late from somewhere, living with the fear that hopefully nothing will happen to their child, atleast not today.  And so they will relentlessly keep calling from a hundred miles away. How can they sleep at night when their children live in this darkness that the city is. Every one is in danger. This is not a characteristic of a big city, this is just New Delhi – making people feel unsafe…since always.

Two days ago, a nineteen year old boy from North East was beaten up near where I live. He was first made fun of and when he retaliated, he was beaten up to the point that he succumbed to his injuries and died in his apartment. The brawl started when some rikshaw- walas abused him because of his ‘distinct’ looks.  Yesterday large number of students protested outside the police station so as to draw attention to the issue. Their demand was to ensure more awareness regarding the culture and people of North east, which is also a part of India , which people very conveniently forget about. They hoped that the more the awareness of the culture, the lesser the amount of stereotypes. Atleast, hopefully.

The city is cold. The city is wicked. Everyone here is living life in the fast lane. People forget very easily. Delhi swallows you up. It can be very lonely. It can also be very prosperous. You just learn to give in. You get uninspired and then nothing comes as a surprise. Shame on that person for not being able to protect himself/herself.  ‘What is the government doing?’ ‘What is Kejriwal’s take on this?’ ‘What is Modi going to do about this?’ ‘The killers should be hanged!’ ‘We need more awareness regarding this’ ‘why isn’t this being broadcasted by the media?’

The issue gets reduced to just this, covered with insubstantial questions. A boy was killed. A woman was humiliated.  A man was mugged. Whatever happened to that issue?

This is just one of the few ways the city, its government (By the way, where are they now?), its people, its law and order, all contribute in making it a crime destination. Every day we are left hopeless. Everyday someone is killed, in spirit. It is 6:00pm on a February Sunday and already the roads are empty and the reckless and the dangerous prowl the streets. Everyone better lock themselves in. If you attempt to leave the house, you are on your own.

As for the rest of us, tomorrow is Monday; everyone has their lives to live. 


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