Mental Whiplash

Wondering what I mean when I say that? Well, its a term I just came up with to describe to people my existential crisis. Its something everyone is very familiar with. We all go through it exactly after we turn 18. Its like a thing now. Even if you aren’t that worried about your life and yourself and your goals, the fact that you aren’t worried might make you spiral down the deep dark pit of despair. The point is that you never really get over it. There will always be some insecurity or the other, some problem or the other. This post is not going to be about that. Nor is it going to be the same old inspirational, semi-motivational ranting about how to get over it. Frankly neither I or your mom or your brother or your shrink can give you the answers to these question of self inflicted anxieties. Everyone, I believe, have their own way of figuring out the problem and the solution to their problem. ( mine was found in deep, thought provoking movies, some youtube videos and a lot of culinary satisfaction, just so you know!) Nope, this post takes you on a whole new tangent. It has more to deal with, ‘Okay, now that you know you have a problem with something, what do you wanna do about it?’ 

Seriously, don’t you ever feel like ‘this is enough!’ or ‘i don’t wanna feel crappy all day!’ and get the feeling that ‘Now I am gonna do something about it'”? I have realised from personal experience that at a lot of points in life you will feel the urge to just ditch everything and just sleep in your bed all day and never leave it. That’s just BS. Because the more you loathe life and the more you try to run away from your problems, the more you will feel like crap. The answer never is in running away from your problems. Like seriously, let me tell you, wallowing in your sorrows in a corner and feeling bad for yourself is pathetic and honestly, can get very tiring. Having said that, let me assure you that everyone goes through it!

I don’t know about all you readers but the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that you feel when you have faced your problems and come out of it without scratches, is just amazing. I mean, even if you have battle scars, embrace it and lick it and take pride in it. For all you know, you might even inspire people and that’s a good thing. Just don’t over do it. Don’t overdo wallowing in self pity, don’t overdo crying, don’t over compensate for the injustices, don’t over achieve ( leave some for the future also, good idea no?) don’t over share with people, and don’t over rub it on the faces of your detractors and ALWAYS give yourself some benefit of doubt. 

At the risk of sounding cliched, just simply aspire to inspire. 

I am going to leave you with that thought 🙂

Until the next post…


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