When it rains …


It rained today in New Delhi. Even if it was for five minutes, the best thing about rain in the city is that it slows down the chaos for a brief period of time. It’s like a brief period of solace from the rush and fast pace of the city life. I was sitting in my Literary theory class, devoid of energy and enthusiasm after the long day we’d had, like the others in my class when the clouds broke out and the rain drops parched the dry earth of New Delhi. It was a moment, because at that time as I stared through the door at the sky outside and drops of water on the window panes, the cool breeze and the smell of wet earth restored back my energy and filled the class with fresh air and brought the life back in class. Although I was distracted by the pitter-patter outside my window, the sudden excitement that filled everyone in class was also in some strange way a mutual moment of happiness and joy.
Now isn’t that what we all NEED, not always, because then we tend not to appreciate it. We need something like that to slow us down and remind us that there are much simpler and beautiful things in life that we sometimes take for granted and in this case, the brief spell of rain provided a good moment to realise that.And that’s why I love the rains, especially rains in Delhi. It provides moments of clarity and relaxation, something we all need and forget to acknowledge in our fast paced lives.


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