Finding Inspiration

Doesn’t it make you mad sometimes that some people can do things that you can not do. Or you want something so badly but for some bizarre reason cannot bring yourself to do it? Sometimes you’ll find it very common to feel like that and it irritates you because you feel like you are losing the control over things, slowly. That is exactly the time when you feel thoroughly uninspired and lose interest gradually in things and feel like nothing is working out for you. Initially it just makes you mad and crazy, gradually it turns into something troubling because it starts affecting all the other aspects of your life and then it just comes to a point where you completely lose control over it and become depressed. It is like a mad disease that spreads and infects your whole sense of being, starting from something benign and soon escalating into something malignant. It is like a diseased thought, if you will. But it is the way you look at it that counts. The idea itself is not fatal. It is the duration of the despondency that is irksome. It does not filter through neatly. It finds no space for a proper percolation of clarity. So when it finds a way into your consciousness, there is no sense of a refined understanding of the problem..and that is precisely what the problem is. Instead of looking out for inspiration, what is required is the right kind of attitude for the look out of one. The key to finding things that are lost is only one and none the less, an important one, to stop waiting. If you feel like nothing is working out, find something to make it work, if you feel tired, relax and slow down instead of panicking, if you want something really badly, go find it. Basically what I am trying to say is , you need to find a way to make it work and find inspiration once you have started out. inspiration strikes only when you actively engag7e in looking out for it. And that says it all…


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