Busy busy bee

So I haven’t been updating my blog regularly and that kind of irks me, the fact that I can be very careless sometimes. I love blogging and I have some millions of things that I want to share with the world through my words and writing and when I can’t do that sometimes, I get nervous and fear that all tge brilliant ideas that I have may start leaving me and then what do I have? So I made this new blog on wordpress and I have decided that I am going to be frequently posting things here. Its just that the past couple of weeks have been crazy for me and every other student in the English department.  We are studying things like existentialism and marxism and postcolonial literature and all these different time periods and its just a friggin mess inside my mind right now. I just wanted to post this short post for my followers, just to sort of let you know tgat that this is not a ghost account and a 19 year old klutz own this so you are now up for a shitstorm of ideas and posts from me so all the best for that and for the random people who might have stumbled upon this fail of a blog, I hope that you find some amount of relatability in this blog and then decide to follow.
Now for what you can expect from this blog, here it goes.
I love making pop culture references and that’s exactly how I study my literature. I believe that everything thing has its own literature and my self undertaken goal in life is to interpret and decipher for myself and self understanding, the science of human communication and literature.  So basically, a lot of incessant ranting on various topics is to be expected.
Also since I love traveling, as if I hadn’t made that clear already, you will, through this blog get to come across a lot of documentation of places that are very under rated and under appreciated. I love small towns and cities and trying to figure out how different they are from each other and yet so similar.

There will also be a lot of photography, since some times a photo speaks a thousand words and that’s about it.

Confused? Wait till you see more. I dont know if you are going to like it or not but one thing I promise you,  this blog will definitely probe thought.
Untill the next post…

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