Why I love 8tracks :)


I discovered this wonderful app a year ago when I was searching for new songs to listen. I always wanted an app on my phone that produced songs according to the mood, the genre and didn’t take a lot of time to buffer to get me those songs. 8tracks’ popularity was one of the reason it was the first suggestion that popped up on my screen and since having discovered this, i am hooked, obsessed. Its not only a really cool place for all kinds of music, it sets out loads of suggestions for playlists you should listen to. Also through 8tracks I have discovered some of my favourite music. For music lovers, this is the place to quench your thirst for best songs according to the type of music you listen to. There’s something for everyone. One of the best things about 8tracks is that there are songs for your different moods too. Just select as many tags for mood, genre, or the kind of activity you’re doing. Its also a great place for indie music lovers. You will come across so many underrated, under appreciated and beautiful songs, playlists, albums and artists. Its just amazing. However, you can’t skip tracks after having skipped 3 times; some legal thing that I don’t know about, but other than that 8tracks will give you full customer satisfaction. So I strongly suggest that you try the perks of having an internet radio t that recognises your kind of music and provides you a platform to create your own playlist, something that you can even share with the rest of the world. Or there are hundreds of playlists already with your kind of music that you can enjoy. 8tracks is available on the apple app store, google play store and windows store for your phone or computer. 

Woah, that sounded a lot like a product review article. Trust me, not the intention. 


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