The Impossible

Dream of an illusion. Dream of something different, something unique, something novel, something to be seen but never achieved. Hope of a thing with feathers, with unique colour combinations, with patterns crazier than each other. Each time you paint a canvas, bring in elements totally different from the one before. You don’t have to worry about people’s reaction to your work……or waste the time you could invest on imagining instead , worrying if you would ever get appreciated for it. Creativity is the freedom of letting your imagination take its wings, breaking free from all the cobwebs of monotony.

If life is truly what it seems, do we really live life as we want to, as independent as we want to, or are we just following what others are saying.Do we still do things that we believe in or that we want to? Do we even have a choice? The fact that it may or may not always seem that we are living how WE want to live, usually isn’t the case.Because we live under the roof of our parents, we follow their rules and beliefs for at least till the time we become an adult or move out of  house. Until then, we grow up accustomed to studying the same beliefs and honoring their rules. But how are we to study our beliefs and questions with out actually pursuing them as an individual experience.We learn things as we grow older. If we don’t seek out the actual answers to our own questions, we are just following the beliefs of everyone else. Its the ability to defeat all the odds, and live free, to dream free that counts. There shouldn’t be any boundaries to dream, thought, imagination. In fact, dream of impossible, be impossible to handle, confuse the onlookers, confuse the people around; Let them decide for themselves, interpret it in their own terms, relate it to their past experiences….and draw inspiration. 🙂




P.s Written at the age of 15


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