Who is Shinjini ?

That’s a good question. Just like any other inquisitive minds of our generation, I too find myself questioning my existence in the world. How am I any different from the other brilliant minds in the world. What am I doing in this time period and what am i contributing to the society which consists of other people like me? Do I have a fixed purpose ? Have I been created to contribute in some small way to delicate balance of life on earth ? If so, then in what way am i doing that? Am I just a inconsequential entity whose existence or non existence doesn’t in anyway effect this balance of life. 

I guess, everyone goes through certain nihilistic sort of phase in life where the elements that give one’s life meaning and identity seem to be in a state of chaos.

What is identity ? What are the factors that go into the making of one’s identity? The opinions that we have and the one’s that are open to change and re-evaluation also contribute to one’s life and their actions. Do they too then define our identities? Can someone have multiple identities? If so, who are they really ? Is one’s overall personality and general disposition, one’s identity? Do identities transcend time and space? 

Endless questions that make life seem difficult and complex. The more you question, the deeper the pit of despair that you fall into. Before you know it, you’re in a existential crisis questioning everything and anything and in the process feel that maybe you are compromising with the beauty of it all. But that’s not life and that’s certainly not skepticism. It is good to use the mind like that, it’s like intellectual yoga. You reach a place that is pretty and good and realise that life is not only beautiful but also invigorating. After all ‘an empty mind is….’


Coming back to the question of who I am. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I am here and I am young. Life is full of possibilities. It is the right time to be idealistic and ambitious. This is the perfect time for me and the millions of other teenagers to feel happy, genuinely, sincerely happy and starry eyed about the future. I like to take off with positivity and god thoughts. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t give the equal attention to our responsibilities. After all, our performance of our duties too contribute in the making our identities.


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